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August, 31st - 2005

We are proud to announce that WinAirsnort Outdoor Premium is now released and available for purchase ! WinAirsnort 2 includes now many new features and enhancements for the 802.11g WiFi network.
We recommend that everyone upgrade to the latest version and benefit the latest Wifi environment 802.11g.
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"WinAirsnort's abilities aren't groundbreaking -– security experts know all too well that wireless networks can be easily accessed and monitored by outsiders. But a fully featured tool to facilitate password-grabs wasn't readily available until this past weekend, when WinAirsnort was released on the Internet"
-- John Freelanz, EU

WEP File Editing tool and advanced utility for users of WEP binary files.

The WEP File Analyzer is a Trace File Analyzer program for WEP Files. This is a complex but very handy tool. It can be used to decrypt WEP'ed trace files off-line. This permits access to trace files that were captured via a tool that does not support WEP, and to data that was captured at a time when the WEP key(s) were not known. This WEP File Analyzer can be used in complement to WinAirsnort program for example. This software performs WEP decryption and Analysis, not WEP key recovery.

WEP File Analyzer is compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP


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