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August, 31st - 2005

We are proud to announce that WinAirsnort Outdoor Premium is now released and available for purchase ! WinAirsnort 2 includes now many new features and enhancements for the 802.11g WiFi network.
We recommend that everyone upgrade to the latest version and benefit the latest Wifi environment 802.11g.
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"WinAirsnort's abilities aren't groundbreaking -– security experts know all too well that wireless networks can be easily accessed and monitored by outsiders. But a fully featured tool to facilitate password-grabs wasn't readily available until this past weekend, when WinAirsnort was released on the Internet"
-- John Freelanz, EU

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Product Platform File Size Price Purchase
WinAirsnort 2.0
Outdoor Premium Release 2. The WiFi datapacket decoder and analyser for PC windows.
Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP. 12.9 MB
45 €
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WinAirsnort 2.0 Limited Src
A sample of source code of WinAirsnort 2.0 available for free. Delivered under GPL Licence.

Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP. 14.9 MB

WEP File Analyzer
The Advanced binary File Editor for WEP encrypted Files.

Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP. 3.5 MB
35 €
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Notes :

Release 2.0 Outdoor Premium.
The newest product is a major upgrade from the previous version that suffered from various bugs. Development has moved on to some exciting new features for the major release, the Outdoor Premium Release 2. WinAirsnort 2 now includes many new features and enhancements for the 802.11g WiFi network.

This version provides user with :

- Drivers for Wireless cards.
- Fast packet Analysis with the "Enhanced mode".
- New statistics algorithm for packet analysis.
- WEP subroutine implemented with a better accuracy.
- A WPA and WPA2 algorithm subroutine implemented, available in beta test only.
- 256-bit enhanced decryption mode, available in beta test only.
- Supporting Wireless cards other than Orinoco.
- A new graphic interface available on Windows XP.
- A GPS data interface for those who have a handy GPS device and want to track Wireless SSID.
- A new InstallShield Setup program with Uninstall features for the DLL libraries.


Release 1.0c corrects the "makensis.exe" bug during the installation of the program into the WinAirsnort Folder and after the first initialization of the program. This release includes also all drivers of the previous version.

Release 1.0b of Winairsnort includes drivers for Cisco Aironet 340, Cisco Aironet 350, Orinoco PCMCIA card, Proxim Gold cards including firmwares.

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